October 31, 2017

inktober day 31 : dollmaker

Inktober day #31 : Dollmaker

You can never seem to tell if anyone is in, but you can always feel a chill as you pass by and sometimes even a few stray screams.

Happy Halloween guys! This marks the end of inktober for this year and I really really wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me on my inktober journey! It has been a blast and I've never fell ill so many times during October before but this is the finish line! A huge shout out for all the likes and follows ! I'll working hard to keep this engine running!

October 30, 2017

inktober day 30 : zombie patisserie

Inktober day #30 : zombie patisserie

Everything is always half off for no reason in particular...and payment is in blood.

October 29, 2017

inktober day 29 : spookets

Inktober day #29 : Spookets

Our annual halloween parade takes pride in having the most uncommons of fiends.We have everything from the friendly ghoul next door , the domestic mummy or even the more tempremental (and hard to find) three headed cat.

I just love love LOVE Halloween!! This was a really fun piece for me!

October 28, 2017

inktober day 28 : head to heads

Inktober day #28 : head to heads 

The famous goblin duo putting on their killer annual head juggling performance that made us lose our heads in glee! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Demon today

The last four days of inktober will be my favourite theme and celebration - HALLOWEEN!!!πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒkicking it off is a juggling duo making their name in the tough circus industry.

October 26, 2017

inktober day 26 : majorelle

Inktober day #26 : majorelle

Sometimes I get this melancholy feeling as the rain falls and I catch myself just staring at the rain against my window. It just seems to sooth all the riled up emotions and the soothing sound of the pitter patter seems to comfort the heart.

October 25, 2017

inktober day 25 : keppel

Inktober day #25 : keppel

Never leave your reef without your eelguards! - The daily seamail

I found out some new colour names that I never knew before! The base Colour and the name of this mer-fish is called keppel. I wanted to name the characters I drew using the Colour theme by their defining colours.

October 24, 2017

inktober day 24 : plum

Inktober day #24 : plum

The theme for the next few days is colour. So today we kick it off with some purple hues.

I really wanted to draw a curvier girl as I don't often draw them enough! Her name is plum and I dolled up in some lolita clothes that I've been wanting to buy

October 22, 2017

inktober day 22 : B E L O W

Inktober day #22 : B E L O W 

There's someone...or something down by the left wing tower...

October 21, 2017

inktober day 21 : royalty

Inktober day #21 : royalty

The animals of a royal. The dog is displeased that the peacock hasn't got its collar yet.

The gold used isn't as shiny in the photo.

October 20, 2017

inktober day 20 : real women

Inktober day #20 : Real women

"Your strongest brew sir! I've dealt with enough shit for the day!" 

The theme these days are medieval /period era. Being a woman is...great in those days.

October 19, 2017

inktober day 19 : time

Inktober day #19 : Time

The clock chimes thrice, marking the end of break time. Back to doing themes

October 18, 2017

inktober day 18 : break

Inktober day #18 : break

Kettle boiled, sweets set and a dash of milk. The perfect break! A breather spread from the themes!

October 17, 2017

inktober day 17 : workshop

Inktober day #17 : workshop

Time is wasted when nothing is being made! A peek into a creator's workshop

This ends my cruel nemesis theme of robots

October 16, 2017

inktober day 16 : triple beat

Inktober day #16 : triple beat

The sickest beatboxing trio in town.

Impromptu shapes and drew lines to fit my current robot theme 

October 15, 2017

inktober day 15 : guide dog

Inktober day 15 : guide dog

Hassle free and easy to use, for better living.

Today was robots x animal I had this idea that robot guide dogs will be really handy in the future cause they can protect while guiding their owners whilst being poop/pee free and would auto charge itself at night.

....robots are so hard...

October 14, 2017

inktober day 14 : bred not born

Inktober day 14 : bred not born

We're finished with you, there are better models out there now. You are of no use to us.

Some days , it sucks and you can feel that way. Your heart and spirit shatters but we're all just different models and uniquely made in our own way.You can climb out of that pit! 

This four days are gonna be robot themed.

October 13, 2017

inktober day 13 : silence

Inktober day #13 : silence

As you enter the mysterious forest, there was a heavy air that greeted you. An comfortable silence that made things feel that something wasn't quite right.

Was a bit too ambitious today. I tried my best cause today was background day and it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted but practice makes perfect! Pushing forward!!

October 12, 2017

inktober day 12 : bottled demon

Inktober day #12 : bottled demon 

"You find an ancient flask, within it you sense an ominous presence. It rattles in your hands urging you to open it" Never trust a bottled demon especially in DnD

Our gm let us meet a demon that was bottled up before in our campaign. We took great protective measures before opening it, and what does the little shit say? It wants to be killed , take him to mount celestia to end his long tiring life πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’sure thing demon.... we believe you...

October 11, 2017

inktober day 11 : dragon

Inktober day #11 : dragon

Inky meets the baby flame dragon in the glimmering caves. Baby dragon does not like being awoken under any circumstance.

What better animal to draw than a dragon for my theme of d&d over these few days. When I first started my inktober, I've never drawn a dragon before, but now it's become sort of a tradition. 

October 10, 2017

inktober day 10 : inky

Inktober day #10 : Inky

The next 4 days theme will be d&d! I've been playing d&d for awhile and have never drawn my character so it was really exciting finally putting her down on paper!

For this piece I was really inspired by @heikala and all the other incredible artist that did their lines with ink and brush. It was my first time ever attempting this and omgosh it was so tough and I truly respect them for their patience and skills!

So everyone, please meet inkaria (inky is her nickname) ! She's a half human half tiefling (that doesn't know she has tiefling blood) paladin who packs a massive punch with her hammer of thunderbolts and belt of frost giant! Always up for a fight and does not care for mindless chatter.

October 09, 2017

inktober day 9 : library's gem

Inktober day 9 : library's gem

I really wanted to draw a really crazy kind of library like the one I've read from discworld. I really adored the thought of books having their own mind and a power within them , some chained and some with incredible power just oozing out of their pages!

October 08, 2017

inktober day 8 : endless

Inktober day 8 : Endless

The battle rages on continuously over the days and months. The steadfast wizard still holding his ground , not letting what is left of his home to become nothing but rubble.

October 07, 2017

Inktober day 7 : The catoblepas

Wrong place wrong time little ones.

Today's animal is a fantasy one! I didn't want to go with the more common fantasy creatures and instead did my version of the catoblepas. Info about it below

The catoblepas is a mythical creature that has a deadly gaze that either kills or turns the person it looks upon into stone. It also feeds on poisonous plants and has posionous breath due to this. But it has a heavy head and usually does not lift it till aggravated.

October 06, 2017

inktober day 6 : wizards brew

Inktober day #6 : wizards brew

"I've tried everything, yet this bloody cold remains!"

A new theme for these next 4 days : fantasy. I don't often draw wizards as I prefer drawing females but here's grumpy wizard with a bad cold and no cure for it.

October 05, 2017

inktober day 5 : newly opened

Inktober day #5 :  newly opened 

Hello nightowls!There's a new shop in town. You can find all sorts of folk inside as it's opened 24hours a day.

Today is background day! Started it yesterday but wasn't pleased and redrew it a few times...It's hard for me as I don't particularly like drawing backgrounds but gave myself a push anyways.

October 04, 2017

inktober day 4 : foreign currency

Inktober day #4 : foreign money

"Sorry we don't accept that currency here!"

Review : When they accept worms , snakes and even beetles but not leaves! The exchange system is so unfair! 0/5 ⭐-platypus customer

October 03, 2017

inktober day 3 : spirit animal

Inktober day #3 : spirit animal

I was sick yesterday so playing a bit of catch up today. Today's personal challenge is drawing an animal. Seeing that the theme is personal, I wanted to draw my favourite animal of all time- the platypus!!!

Duck billed , Beaver tailed, egglaying mammals! I've never drawn one before even though it is my favourite and it turns out it is quite difficult to draw these rascals! I drew them in my own way with different personalities for each of them.

October 02, 2017

inktober day 2 : lost and wounded

Inktober day #2 : lost and wounded

Those days when you feel so lost and you don't know what you are doing. When you feel as though nothing is going exactly right and you don't know what to do.

This year my inktober is going be done in themes of 4 days each. Ill still be adding on my challenges to myself but I wanted to add a little more pressure on myself.I'll be kicking this week off with the theme of : personal

October 01, 2017

inktober day 1 : welcome

Inktober day 1 : welcome
For the first day, it must always start with tea!!!

once again it's that time again for the inks to start rolling in everyday! I'm gonna be trying out something quite different from the way I previously did my inktober. Still going to be challenging myself to draw things I'm not used to or struggle with but trying a different format.