January 31, 2015

charms wip

candy trail candy trail cannndddyyy trail!

WIP for the laminated charms for MCM Midlands!Come get em' at the Telford comic con! 
(PSSTT! we're FAT FAIRY booth!)

the room

life sketch of my room before bedtime. goodnight!

January 29, 2015

marcie x gum gum

Marcie and gum gum listening to music together.


A simple print to be sold at MCM Midlands 

January 28, 2015


Doodling some silly bits. I haven't been using gouache for a long time now.

January 23, 2015

over the garden wall @ mcm midlands



Over the garden wall prints available at MCM Midlands! Find me at Fat Fairy booth!

dream journal

I think I can start a dream journal if these dreams keep it up. The sequences are a bit wonky so look for the numbers.

I had an interview with a very rich man that everyone wants to work for... Reaching there there was a condition.'line up according to height ' i laughed so hard since everyone in line was really tall and that would mean I'll be in front. Next thing I do? Take off my shoes cause they were uncomfortable. A lady says I'm shortlisted and pushes me to a very tight balcony seat suspended on the wall. They shove me on a train next. George Clooney was shortlisted too. I asked him what job was he applying for. He say :'i'm gonna be a labourer in the garden' '....okay.' then only it dawns on me. I'm going to meet this mr.X who will potentially hire me. And I have no shoes. Cry

January 22, 2015

steven universe @mcm midlands

Steven Universe Prints for MCM Midlands.

WE... ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS! We'll always save the day. 
And if you think we can't, We'll always find a way!

January 21, 2015

January 17, 2015

doodle noodles

Before bedtime doodles.

Trying out another style. I'm gonna try experimenting with more geometrical shapes soon! ( i hope)

January 15, 2015

cafe nero

You can follow me @weiliwonka on instagram! 

Some cafe sketching @cafe nero today

January 14, 2015

fishy dreams

A recent dream I had that was really strange and mis-mashed together.

It’s about us boarding a transportation thing that had an inbuilt plane and a train within it. We would jump off the plane to go to other places we wanted to go to.

Going to an arcade to only find that my token had ‘expired’ and needed servicing was depressing. Then we came across a really weird Fish exhibition, when running to the exit , we were stuck in a inner stomach like wall of gross.

January 09, 2015

thank you teastory!

Teastory.co ( the company I gave permission to use my illustration as their header) gave me some tea! Tutti Frutti (organic) , Blueberry Yogurt & milky oolong tea.

Thank you very much for the tea, and I'll savour each cup! 

January 06, 2015

split screens

Long distance is never that easy, 

'Sometimes, I feel that as I look behind, he'll be there to grab my hand as he always does.'

January 03, 2015


Tea story approach me for permission to use my artwork, 
So I helped them a bit and here's the outcome! 

just a facebook cover. 

January 01, 2015

happy 2015

Just a quick one to start the year 2015.

2014 was a tough year for me. I had loads of new experiences , loads of rocks along the path. I fought more inner demons that I would have expected in any of my other years. But by God's grace, I made it despite being broken and often times doubting myself. Thank you everyone who has supported me and I will continue to strive to be better both as a person and in art! 

Have a good year everyone! Let's do this!