December 28, 2013

Korra Season 1

Found old stuff as I was cleaning up my stuff for more space. 
Seeing Them reminds me of the first season I miss it so much.
I miss Tahno and Amon. COME BACCCCKKK

December 26, 2013

Building confidence

Those senseless words, Sent my empire tumbling.
The question i have for you is, why?

December 23, 2013


Thank you!

for visiting us at Fat fairy! :) Felt the love and support! Can't wait to see you guys next year!It was UN-UNACCEPTABLE!

my friend and I were Lemongrabs
  ( if you saw us )

December 20, 2013


help you die? But of course. My pleasure. 

December 18, 2013

Hair-ey fey

Just felt like a hair-ey mood today. A sketch of a fey

December 02, 2013

Goodies 2013 COMIC FIESTA

badges for Comic Fiesta 2013  available at FAT FAIRY BOOTH :)

Bee & Puppycat, Catbug & Rocket Dog. I love those Cartoon hangover dudes

Laminated Bee & Puppycat charms

kyoukai no kanata

The Last of the merchandises that I will be making for Comic Fiesta 2013