January 30, 2013


another doodle in that style i stumbled on

steampunk character

Her name T. as in like Tea. Her umbrella allows her to fly with hot steam, but however it doubles as a shotgun from the back. but ammo is limited

January 29, 2013

January 23, 2013

The Grimm Rainbow

7 Re-illustrated illustrations based on the the original Grimm fairy tales in the colours of the rainbow. The concept being that although their stories are sometimes bleak, there is still a rainbow of hope within it ( the prince ends up marrying the princes, the evil do-ers are punished) 

Using animal masks in prismatic colours to depict how there are many times where us humans act very animalistic as well but it is usually done in the dark (faceless/nameless to not be caught) therefore behind a mask. The choice of animal mask is because 'Bad people' are are often called 'animals' and that is exactly what they are.

reddie in the hoodie

rabbits bride

the six swans

snow white (green)

sleeping beauty

hansel & gretel

January 19, 2013

six swans

Six Swans

The last of my grim series! It's about how the 6 brothers were cursed, the only way she could break the spell is if she did not say a word nor show emotion for 7 years. 

'For 7 years, show no emotion nor utter a word , or it will be for naught. ' 

On the last day of the 7th year, she was to be burned at the stake for a misunderstanding and her brothers flew downwards to her and she placed the shirts on each of them. All returning to princely form except the youngest with a left wing because she didnt manage to finish it.

January 11, 2013

January 05, 2013

Snow green

I chose a spider since snakes were too conventional. this follows the original story where the apple given was actually half red and half white. Red being juicy and poison whereas white was not poison which was what the Witch ate.

January 04, 2013


often times we feel directionless and lost. i felt it just awhile ago. But i am blessed for my friends were there to encourage me, saying 'We'll make it together!'

January 03, 2013


The prince is kinda creepy to me because of how desperate he was to see her. So he calls out and climbs her hair like a chimpanzee, And they my friends, are scary creatures.

January 02, 2013

it's kinda wonky. but 2012 it is!

hoping for a firmer journey in 2013!