February 26, 2016

draft #1

Many draft pages after... And I'm still in my first chapter! A shout out to all the amazing manga artist there who works even harder than this to get their work out. Thank you for your effort!

February 22, 2016

project update

Some sketches for my upcoming project.

I've been yearning to draw some oldschool manga. My new project is a Shoujo manga. Just an update to let you guys know that there'll be a lot more of these soon so you won't be too shocked that i've turned manga style.

February 14, 2016


Happy valentine's day everyone. Hope all of you are eating something good today. : >

February 05, 2016

February 02, 2016

kyoukai no kanata

不愉快です <fuyukai desu>

Aki x Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata for the upcoming London Anime con. Hope to see you there!

one punch man



Being bias, I've only drawn my favourites. (yes, they aren't even the main characters.haha) I'll be bringing some of these prints to London Anime and Gaming Con next weekend! Hope to see you all there at FAT FAIRY booth :)