November 29, 2014

WIP wedding potrait

Hi all!  A few days ago, I received a commission to do a wedding portrait.
Here's some WIP sketches and progress shots. 

Started with a rough sketch and after the client 
gave it a nod of approval then I proceeded to...

Do a more proper outline and slightly shaded in piece..

Then colour thumbs ( just basic flat colours)

I'll post the completed piece soon! :)

November 24, 2014

November 23, 2014

with or without

The ever silly question of 

' With or without? '

An update of my works in uni . 
This is a simple character design for my project journey - in & out.

November 21, 2014

cham2 (comic fiesta artbook 2014)

My contribution to the CF countdown has been selected to be part of the CHAM2 artbook! WOOHOO! :> Thank you comic fiesta! 

Here's the link to the Comic Fiesta Countdown entry

November 19, 2014

November 18, 2014


How'd you like 'em apples?

Digitally sketched some apples. quick ones. Not quite what I wanted yet but gonna keep going! 

shrinking brains

Editorial illustration for (pretend) wired UK.

The article talks about the shrinking of our human brain due to domestication. YES YOU! our brains have shrunk 15- 20 % since 20 000 bc. amat sad no?

November 14, 2014

November 12, 2014


it's the seventh! 

glug entry #2

Glug competition submission #2 : A Spoonful Of Creativity

Similar concept to the cake one just that this one is all out art nouveau.
 Parfaits have layers too! #GlugBrum

November 10, 2014

glug entry #1

Glug competition submission #1 : A Slice Of Creativity

Basically, the competition is for a poster to advertise 'midland masters 2'. 

My concept is that the cake is creativity. The Midland Masters that Glug|Inkygoodness is hosting will be focusing on illustrations and character design. And because of that,  I definitely wanted some characters in there.

As for the reason I chose to have a cake as a symbolism of creativity is due to cakes having layers and I wanted to interpret it as how creativity has layers & complexities ( the patterns within the cake ).

November 08, 2014

TEDxBrum live illustration

So, TEDxBrum happened today, and I was a part of it! Me and some illustrators were at the event doing live illustrations of the day! Here are some photos of the sketches and such. 

First of all THANK YOU TEDxBrum for having me!

Start of the final session and a wicked performance by Alisha!

KTillustrations (another illustrator) & our wall of illustrations at the event!

Pretty tote bags were given out to our guest!

There's plenty more on my twitter or facebook.
These were all live tweeted at the event!

November 04, 2014

hello november!

Those Cooking Days.

I sorta, kinda miss him and I want to cook with him right now.

November 02, 2014