April 23, 2018

day 7 melbjournal

Day 7 melbjournal 

No journal entries for the covention weekend sorry! So we're at day 7 (yesterday) instead!It was a relaxed day of more grocery shopping - fave passtime- with my cousin. Finally got to go to a woolies!

April 21, 2018

supanova melbourne

Thank you so much everyone who came by and supported my table at melbnova over the weekend. Being my first time here tabling in aussie, really grateful for all the support and new friends made over this weekend. Thanks so much guys.

April 20, 2018

day 4 melbjournal

Day 4 melbjournal

Today was a bit busier since I had to set up for melbnova. I had a short pop into the national gallery which was nice but i didn't have enough time to finish!!!But here is the standard foodies stuff! Hope to see you guys this weekend

April 19, 2018

day 3 melbjournal

Day 3 melbjournal

Today was a walking day. Visited my cousin, cousin in law and their children. My niece is a wild child hahahaha! Swipe for food stuff. As you can see, all I bought is mostly snacks.

April 18, 2018

day 2 melb journal

Day 2 Melb journal📔
Just documenting nonsense that might not be important but I enjoyed. Mostly food. Cause priorities.

April 15, 2018

lets talk magic

Let's talk MAGIC

I've been dnd-ing for quite awhile now so it is high time to make some dndish merch! So here we have some curious potions and arcane books sticker sheets ( as well as dungeon master pins like the one on the top right ) that will be making their debut during melbnova next week.*heavy breathing*

For those of you who are mid campaign, may you always roll nat 20's and enjoy those crits that YOU DESERVE!

April 11, 2018

packing woes

Packing problems

Been packing my bag for aussie. Practical or cute??? yes, i''m stupid I know but I keep bouncing back and forth. Cute outfits are usually quite convention based so I can't wear them out in public but...they are cute! Also I have this problem of always not being sure how many shirts do I bring while travelling.....maybe 5? 8? 9??!?!!?

I've also drawn some of my favourite accessories hehehehe! I love halloweeny stuff

April 08, 2018

supanova melbourne and gold coast

Hello hello!! I'll be heading over to australia for supanova melbourne and gold coast!and it's my first time tabling in australia so im super nervous!!! This week (and probably the next as well) is full of prepping and hair pulling! I'm sure everyone who has ever able at a convention knows the pains of prepping.

Here is a sketch of what i've been up to to prep for melbnova! And for whoever is in melbourne and goldcoast, please drop by and say hi cause I'd love to meet you all!!

April 02, 2018

old battery

Energy depletion like an old old phone's battery lifespan. Somedays it just feels like all systems shut down in the next minute and my body will autopilot itself to bed. I think I'm getting old...