January 27, 2014

Come at me bro

Just inspired lately since I've just begun picking up kickboxing :) It's totally fun and I highly recommended for you guys out there to have fun and kick some butt.

January 16, 2014

Weili Wonka x bubblebeam Magazine

I recently had a mini interview with bubblebeam magazine.

They found me through the recent comic fiesta.
Thank you for the interview Bubblebeam !

you can read it here :

January 15, 2014

Swift birds : goliath cockatoo

The goliath cockatoo has been deemed as an ugly bird.
However, I'd like to beg to differ I find it very fabulous. Elegant even with it's
jarring red cheeks & dark feathers.

January 02, 2014

Swift Birds : Quetzal

Starting the new year with another quick bird sketch.
Since i’ve not touched the tablet for some time, i do admit it took a lot longer so
around 20-25 minutes this time. 

Quetzal originates from Nahuatl quetzalli meaning"large brilliant tail feather"
The males have the red belly , whereas the females have grey or brown bellys

2013 Summary

A summary of Art that I did throughout the 2013 year. 2014 , i've got to push harder!

January 01, 2014