May 29, 2013


Even tutors have figure assignments >< THUS IS THE ART LIFE

I haven't touched figure for a very long time time to wake up

May 19, 2013


this is the weili wonka set up!
porfolio book , my egg design (according our genesis theme) .
tea time table ,with tea packaging done by yours truly. WITH ACTUAL TEA, and lastly the wall paintings which are still there and are actually available for sale !

thank you all who came and support me!

Genesis 1005 exhibition

 It' been crazy these few days. As the president of Genesis exhibition ,I honestly am proud of all of my fellow classmates! check this out! This is our exhibition.

This is the contemporary section, I was a part of this section! I'm at the corner to the right right before the wallpaper partition!

This is our concept art and manga section. 

It was really fun and I am so thankful for all your support for those who came as well as those who wished us well! Thank you so much !

May 15, 2013


Tea packaging complete with the tea for a weiliwonka zing! U can see them up close and personal at the genesis exhibition! Support us! I'm a part of the exhibition too!

May 12, 2013

what time is it?

Cause tea taim last forever.
This is the cover of Tea taim. planning to perhaps,
*cough* make it into a book! :D look out for more
details perhaps in the future!

May 08, 2013

characters quicks.

some quick character sketches for a (hopefully please!) client.

May 07, 2013

Them Lil' tea tags

little tea bag tags

hi all, these are my promotional items for my graduation exhibition 
called Genesis1005. These will be GIVEN out. auu yiss!
 GIVEN OUT throughout our exhibition. 
so come and show your support not to mention gain 
a tea bag tag for your books.