March 27, 2016

manchester anime con goodies

Hi there! Just an update to let you all know that I'll be having a booth at the coming anime con in manchester. 2-3 April. Here are some the new stuff I've whipped up for the con. I'll also be doing live commissions if you are interested just swing by Fat Fairy at the artist alley!

Season finale of miraculous ladybug! Here's the latest baddie. I loved her design ;^;

FMA - cause the elric brothers are wonderful.

Not to forget my ship of ladynoir.

Hope to see you all there!

March 26, 2016

star draws - dr sketchys

Went to Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham star wars themed live sketching today and managed to win a prize for one of my drawings. Thanks for everything!

nope sush

Time to have some nope salmon sushi.

March 19, 2016

shipley station

The sad day , I lost my travelcard as I was getting out of the train...This is life.

March 17, 2016

mac problems

Me at tigerprint... The battle with the command key every other minute. I'm too used to the windows keys.

March 15, 2016

tigerprint placement

Day 2 of my 2 week placement here with tigerprint / hallmark. Here's hw my workspace looks like.

March 03, 2016

jisc digifest 2016

Jisc hired me to do some live illustration works on their given digital equipment. It was my first time using a surface tablet to draw but here are a few of the illustrations I did during the event with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 

Digifest is about digital media as well as education as its co-relationship.

Some of the illustrations were more conceptual , whereas some of them were just on the spot reportage of the place.

I'd really like to say thank you to jisc for the opportunity to draw at your event. I had fun and...

a shout out to verity for getting me the job :>

March 01, 2016

jisc testing 1, 2, 3

Testing out the surface pro 3 for tomorrows event,Jisc Digifest 2016 . I'll be live illustrating for the next two days at the event. Hope to see you there!