July 30, 2013

sticker wicker

Here's the burtonized PPG set that i made. It comes in a set of 9! 
I'm a part of FAT FAIRY and we'll be selling it at CF mini as well as animangaki!

July 29, 2013


I have 12 (yes, super limited edition kind of thingy) sketchbooks for sale!

PPG badges as well as a pond badge for the whovians! :D

come visit us at CF mini on the 3rd and 4th!! If interested , drop me a mail as usual

July 20, 2013

Burtonized PPG

Burtonized PPG!

This design will be made into a limited stocked A5 sized sketchbook.

These Burtonized ppg's will be available as a sticker set of 9
complete with 3 villians (mojo jojo , sedusa , him!)


July 16, 2013

I'm okay

The biggest deception is usually done to our precious ones.
In which we build up all our frustration , tears and anger 
within ourselves with no outlet to let them out.

 And When asked :
 'how're you doing?' 

The strained and constant response of  'I'm okay.'

The Day that broke my heart

Thy heart broke in twine.
No shoes were left behind, This lass lost her heart
The heart was never mine.

July 14, 2013

Just graduated! (officially)

The ceremony is done! Here's to graduating! And have some of my 
family too! 

Thank you God for pulling me through , And parents , brother , relatives, friends
and fans. Thank you guys so much for everything!

May this Eccentric Wonka continue producing art nice enough to
fascinate you guys! 

July 09, 2013


THIS IS IT! The salt revolution! 

The war has been long but this candy hunter has not given up her saltiness, 
She hunts candies with salt bombs in hopes of overthrowing the candy troops!

Is that enough?