March 28, 2018


Comedy club during the golden ages of monsters. Don't forget to get your own laughcula shirts by the door!

March 27, 2018

travelling witch

"Keep up! Keep up! Knew I should have perfected the levitation spell before travelling!"
Travelling through the forest is not a breeze.

March 18, 2018

blue outfits

Some of my favorite outfits! Playing around with my new pastel marker (pilot pintor) . Really loving it! The colour comes out great on dark surfaces.

March 14, 2018

chillin choco matcha parfait

Chillin Choco matcha parfait

Taking a breather with some delicious matcha and sweet sweet chocolate to make the day better! When you feel like life is doing you in, take a break from your busy schedule to have something delicious guys!

March 10, 2018


A quick feel doodle. This week has been so so packed feeling super dead. The mountain of stuff never seems to diminish. Thank Good it is over for now. Back to a steady climb again. Hope your week wasn't as crazy and filled with good food and good times!

March 05, 2018

susuwatari keyrings

Sorry for the lack of updates this week! Been prepping some new merch for the coming convention. Feeling a bit nervous about it. Here is one of my new keyrings. 

Susuwatari / Soot sprite transparent double sided acrylic board keyrings!