October 25, 2018

inktober day #25 : playground

Inktober day #25 : playground

Watch out for tombstones and always remember to respect the skeleton community. No entry past 10pm, remember that these are homes to some.

I was thinking that the graveyard would definitely be the go to for a hangout. Some Halloween town kids celebrating with sparklers. Of course I'll add a childhood friendship ship HAHAHAHAHA

October 24, 2018

inktober day #24: instant body

inktober day #24 : Instant body

An instant fresh body from the brewing cauldron. Just add in the soul.

October 23, 2018

inktober day #23 : heads up

Inktober day #23 : heads up

Now to pick what accessory to match this body.

The idea this time was a closet full of spareparts instead of clothes. Piece together your body to suit your outfit.

October 22, 2018

inktober day #22: heartbreaker

Inktober day #22 : heartbreaker

The snack of the day.

An array of organs and tasty treats for every time of the day.

October 21, 2018

inktober day #21 : coffin break

Inktober day #21 : coffin break 

The swiftest delivery to quench your thirst!

Confession day for the young vamp that is crushing hard on the neigbourhood coffin break worker. Also super excited cause the last 11 days is gonna be my fave theme - halloween

October 19, 2018

inktober day #19 : shroomie

Inktober day #19 : shroomie

A giant shroom playing hide and seek amongst the tiny shroom houses on a windy afternoon.

I was inspired to do this piece after seeing a encyclopedia of mushrooms! A community of shroomies of large and small sizes living amongst parasol mushrooms.

October 18, 2018

inktober day #18 : wezards

Inktober day #18 : wezards

Well they tried.

Cunning and silly goblins that are trying their best to cut the best deal possible.
Obviously not trying hard enough.

October 17, 2018

inktober day #17 : pool prince

Inktober day #17 : pool prince

A prince to drown for...Making maiden's hearts sink to the bottom of the lake just at the sight of him.

Heavily inspired by maruti bitamin's waterry hair. I just really liked the thought of him suddenly emerging and giving people heart attacks cause he's a cheeky brat.

October 16, 2018

inktober day #16 : raise dead ( technically souls )

Inktober day #16 : raise dead ( technically souls )

Testing out a new scroll that she just found(stole). Raising an army of souls.
The new theme for these few days is fantasy. One of my favourite themes!!

October 15, 2018

inktober day #15 : lost hand island

Inktober day #15 : lost hand island

NEW FINDINGS - A map of a huge sacred island lost to the people of today - An advanced explorer's necessitiy. To be auctioned friday at the explorers guide meet up.

My first try at doing something like this!I really wanted to try illustrating a map but not the city kind so i gave it a go!

October 14, 2018

inktober day #14 : explorer's necessities

Inktober day #14 : explorer's necessities

An advanced guide of what to bring for an experienced explorer.
Some of them must be old or broken but brought along anyways hahaha!

October 13, 2018

inktober day #13 : snakes and ladders

Inktober day #13 : snakes & ladders

Feeding time for the snakes!Keeping nosy intruders away with our moat and pet snakes.

I had this idea for awhile and finally am executing it. Instead of the snakes being in the way, they're well fed and kept by the residence of the treehouse.

October 12, 2018

inktober day #12 : campsite

Inktober day #12 : campsite

It's laundry day by the skull house. A pleasant day that's perfect for a afternoon nap

These few days are explorer themed!I haven't been able to post much because I was preparing for the event over the previous weekend but I'm gonna play catch up H A R D. pray for my soul.

October 11, 2018

inktober day #11 : prep day

Inktober day #11 : prep day

An explorer's far from unusual last minute packing (the day before) for a long haul exploration journey.

inktober day #10 : fae dark

Inktober day #10 : Fae dark

Bloom grips her brothers hand to remind him to be silent as they pass through the stifling dark.

The fae dark is a place as dark as night that no light passes through. Creatures of all natures gather here to enjoy the quiet and to prey on the loud.

October 09, 2018

inktober day #9 : shadow beast

Inktober day #9 : shadow beast

Between the shadows of foliage and grass hides a beast enormous and large. It shuffles spreading seeds but eats those who can perceive.

The idea this time was a creature unseen by men and the tale that was never told. This is because it eats those who can see it so they never live to tell the tale

October 08, 2018

inktober day #8 : prison

Inktober day #8 : prison

Escape the darkness.Free yourself and don't let it devour you.

The concept was more of not being complacent and letting the negativity in life eat you internally but fight it as hard as you possibly can.Initially I thought it'll be simple but the goop took me quite a few tries to get right. It was an interesting challenge to myself none the less.

October 07, 2018

inktober day #7 : agent dark

Inktober day #7 : Agent dark

Your one stop shop for all your legal needs in the matters of darkness. Binding, nurturing , transfering or even release...we have it all here in the agency.

To let a third party affect our inner darkness is a dangerous matter. Yet we absent mindedly do so on an everyday basis... On a side note, I died doing this piece. It took...F O R E V E R. It was a good challenge for me in terms of patience because I wanted the texture of hatching in all the dark areas. Oh welllllll

October 06, 2018

inktober day #6 : fight or flight

Inktober day #6 : fight or flight

Adrenaline running, it's time to face your demons and leave no survivors. Be it bedtime monsters or self doubt, let's end it.

The fight or flight response is what we humans have inbuilt in us.it's just a matter of it being triggered. All these recent negativity and paranoia I have been experiencing, it's time to fight against it with full impact...and win.

October 05, 2018

inktober day#5 : home sweet home

Inktober day #5 : Home sweet home

A one and half unit mostly made of food and questionable materials perfect for one. Rental starts at 500 gallons of sugar syrup and a deposit of 300g of gluten free cupcake powder.

As most of you know. I am...not great at backgrounds so usually during inktober i try my hardest to do more of those ( so I don't runaway )Here is my attempt this round at doing a sort of isometric interior of a room. My highlight really was making the floorboards biscuits because they look like tiles to me...but edible!

October 04, 2018

inktober day #4 : plattered up

Inktober day #4 : plattered up

The sitting duck ready for consumption with a side relish of handsyness and tonnes of impecable precision chopticks to pick them apart.

This piece comes from a feeling I've been having this week. It's blind paranoia and hushed whispers that keeps eating at me from within. Sometimes just sometimes , i feel like a sitting duck that's going to be eaten alive by these thoughts.And honestly, it feels very intimidating and unsettling. I know it's just one of those weeks, that it'll get better ( and it does for me ) but I really wanted to pen the feeling down.

October 03, 2018

inktober day #3 : Tea Petto

Inktober day #3 : Tea Petto

A vending machine that only dispenses various species of pet teapots. Remember to recycle the plastic but not the pet itself. Instructions on the back of the packaging! ( swipe to see the pet designs available )

Heavily inspired by my love of vending machines. I don't know why I love them so much but I'm guessing it comes from the joy of pressing a button and seeing something being churned out from the bottom!

October 02, 2018

inktober day #2 : Breakfast Dream

Inktober day #2 : breakfast dream

My favourite meal is breakfast, i was just thinking about what's for breakfast tomorrow when i was inspired to draw this. How great would it be to have a bed of soft bread, pillows of avacados, cherry tomato cushion, a bacon hug pillow and an egg blanket. But at this point our bodies would just be grease proof so we can be at ease. Haha.

On a more serious note, of late I feel like I'm just in a daze. That's why i drew myself In that expression. Often times I catch myself staring into nothing and I can't really explain why.

October 01, 2018

inktober day 1 : quiet brew

Inktober day #1: Quiet brew

A timid and mild tea brewing away...

It's become a tradition of mine to kick start each inktober with a tea themed piece. Her outfit is the latest ceramic range with a matching teahat and a sugar cube bag.