May 31, 2015

books and tea 2

People read the same book all over the world.

Books and tea 2 - I'm going to make in a mini series.

May 29, 2015


Missed my ex college mates.we were a family in IL1005-1. A mixture of colourful personalities that were always up to mischief.

I was really blessed to be in this class. I love them all so much and missing them now that i'm in a new uni. 

dr sketchys

A big Thank you to Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham for giving us a wonderful time in our uni yesterday :> They were all so fabulous! Here are a few of my works from yesterday.

Managed to win a prize too for being one of the models favourite!

May 25, 2015

wallpaper booklet

A booklet I made on the development process of my mini project - 'wallpaper'

May 18, 2015

May 16, 2015


From today's happenings.

Cake from Lou lou's vintage fair , E.A.T for lunch and Urban Coffee cafe sketch.

May 15, 2015

light keeper

The Light Keeper

Finally got round painting on canvas.


Unforgiveness is the weed that causes my bouquet to be ugly.
It's time to say :' I'm sorry. I was wrong' 

Weed (noun) A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one that grows where it is not wanted and often grows or spreads fast or takes the place of desired plants. 

May 13, 2015

uwe exhibition

My pieces that are being displayed at University West of England from the reportage competition.
We had a field trip down, and there are plenty of lovely work there! Do drop by if you are free and around the Bristol area!

May 12, 2015

charcoal sketch

charcoal exploration sketches for the boy in my new project. (Not quite what I want yet)

May 09, 2015

don't look back

Don't waste your time looking back at what can't be undone. Look forward to what we can do.

May 06, 2015

may the 6th

Had a day trip down to meet a certain lady today. There were also cafes, train rides and a lot of tea.


My friend always tells me what breed each dog that passes us is. So tonight, I took initiative to at least attempt learning some of the names!

May 04, 2015