September 30, 2015

Blue flame

Dark horse recently held a competition to draw yourself as a bender.
My element is definitely fire , but some friends of mine were saying that I'd probably be blue flame ( haven't leveled up to lighting bending yet though ). So here it is! 

September 25, 2015

Back In Brum

Finally settled back in Birmingham. Here's how the Tea Bath Badges look :>

September 17, 2015

Tea culture

While working on the tea bath series, I also decided to make a sticker set based on the countries , Japan, China and England. Each country has a character that showcases their different cultures. 

These will be available soon on my etsy :)

September 14, 2015

Tea baths

I've been neglecting my love for tea lately. But! I've just finished a mini series -Tea Baths. Here we have Japan , English and Chinese teacups with their respective tea. 

These designs will be made into badges and will be available on my etsy. Do email me if interested!

For a close look I've uploaded them individually.

September 03, 2015


The fetventures continue! We're heading up to penang again for mini cf as well as the usual stuffing our face with good food. 

September 02, 2015


A little overdue thanks for the 1000 likes on my facebook page!! Thank you all very much!