January 23, 2015

dream journal

I think I can start a dream journal if these dreams keep it up. The sequences are a bit wonky so look for the numbers.

I had an interview with a very rich man that everyone wants to work for... Reaching there there was a condition.'line up according to height ' i laughed so hard since everyone in line was really tall and that would mean I'll be in front. Next thing I do? Take off my shoes cause they were uncomfortable. A lady says I'm shortlisted and pushes me to a very tight balcony seat suspended on the wall. They shove me on a train next. George Clooney was shortlisted too. I asked him what job was he applying for. He say :'i'm gonna be a labourer in the garden' '....okay.' then only it dawns on me. I'm going to meet this mr.X who will potentially hire me. And I have no shoes. Cry

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