March 27, 2019


In the unsettling and ambiguous atmosphere, these eyes don't seem to see the way it used to...

October 25, 2018

inktober day #25 : playground

Inktober day #25 : playground

Watch out for tombstones and always remember to respect the skeleton community. No entry past 10pm, remember that these are homes to some.

I was thinking that the graveyard would definitely be the go to for a hangout. Some Halloween town kids celebrating with sparklers. Of course I'll add a childhood friendship ship HAHAHAHAHA

October 24, 2018

inktober day #24: instant body

inktober day #24 : Instant body

An instant fresh body from the brewing cauldron. Just add in the soul.

October 23, 2018

inktober day #23 : heads up

Inktober day #23 : heads up

Now to pick what accessory to match this body.

The idea this time was a closet full of spareparts instead of clothes. Piece together your body to suit your outfit.

October 22, 2018

inktober day #22: heartbreaker

Inktober day #22 : heartbreaker

The snack of the day.

An array of organs and tasty treats for every time of the day.

October 21, 2018

inktober day #21 : coffin break

Inktober day #21 : coffin break 

The swiftest delivery to quench your thirst!

Confession day for the young vamp that is crushing hard on the neigbourhood coffin break worker. Also super excited cause the last 11 days is gonna be my fave theme - halloween

October 19, 2018

inktober day #19 : shroomie

Inktober day #19 : shroomie

A giant shroom playing hide and seek amongst the tiny shroom houses on a windy afternoon.

I was inspired to do this piece after seeing a encyclopedia of mushrooms! A community of shroomies of large and small sizes living amongst parasol mushrooms.