October 22, 2017

inktober day 22 : B E L O W

Inktober day #22 : B E L O W 

There's someone...or something down by the left wing tower...

October 21, 2017

inktober day 21 : royalty

Inktober day #21 : royalty

The animals of a royal. The dog is displeased that the peacock hasn't got its collar yet.

The gold used isn't as shiny in the photo.

October 20, 2017

inktober day 20 : real women

Inktober day #20 : Real women

"Your strongest brew sir! I've dealt with enough shit for the day!" 

The theme these days are medieval /period era. Being a woman is...great in those days.

October 19, 2017

inktober day 19 : time

Inktober day #19 : Time

The clock chimes thrice, marking the end of break time. Back to doing themes

October 18, 2017

inktober day 18 : break

Inktober day #18 : break

Kettle boiled, sweets set and a dash of milk. The perfect break! A breather spread from the themes!

October 17, 2017

inktober day 17 : workshop

Inktober day #17 : workshop

Time is wasted when nothing is being made! A peek into a creator's workshop

This ends my cruel nemesis theme of robots

October 16, 2017

inktober day 16 : triple beat

Inktober day #16 : triple beat

The sickest beatboxing trio in town.

Impromptu shapes and drew lines to fit my current robot theme 

October 15, 2017

inktober day 15 : guide dog

Inktober day 15 : guide dog

Hassle free and easy to use, for better living.

Today was robots x animal I had this idea that robot guide dogs will be really handy in the future cause they can protect while guiding their owners whilst being poop/pee free and would auto charge itself at night.

....robots are so hard...