September 01, 2013

Take A Walk

How we walk tells the world about us. How we are like, what direction are we heading in, not meaning the literal sense for of course. ( We're moving forward with each step) But our outlook of life, how we take each step along the way, whether we dread it , think about the past or daydream about the future.Which direction are we heading? Upward, forward, downward or backward in our lives?

All of this lies in those little steps we take each day in order to 'move forward'. 

It's time for you to decide.

Loose pages

Caught up in an eternal daydream looking up and not paying attention to what's in front of you. We think about the future and hope to see something more interesting with our steps not cherishing our present time.


Looking forward to see what's ahead and enjoying the present. That's what kid's do best. They don't try to glance behind but take each step with growing pride. They soar through the world like aeroplanes through the sky.

Scrunched paper

We look down, down on the earth, down at our feet. Why? Do we not like the sunlight? The lovely sights before us? We are clouded with insecurity , not wanting to face another human being and if possible , avoid contact with the world.

Stacked Bills

Looking back at our past, Despite our so called moving forward. We don't want to forget our past, holding on to it like precious gems. Despite climbing to wherever we are. Are we truly happy in the present? Or does the grass seem so much greener in the past?

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